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Thomas Lucero
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Your secure VPN connection on the Internet

Kaspersky Fast Secure VPN is a free secure VPN channel protecting your Internet connection by transmitting all data sent or received via a WiFi network using the encrypted and secure VPN connection. The unlimited plan allows VPN connection without a traffic limit (up to 5 devices), providing you with safe and confidential Internet surfing. Protection of up to 200 MB of traffic per day is free. This program can be run on Android devices, so that we will tell you about it.

Primary application features

  • Secure connection to public WiFi;

  • Privacy of communication;

  • Security for valuable data;

  • Free, fast traffic of up to 200 MB per day;

  • Free secure VPN channel for Android devices.

Reliable protection

Kaspersky Fast Secure VPN for Android does everything possible to protect your device:

  • Network connection check. Kaspersky Secure Connection automatically checks the network connection when connecting to WiFi and activates a VPN channel if it is not secure. This channel does not allow anyone to track your actions in the network and lets you enjoy safe and confidential Internet surfing;

  • Protection of personal information from outsiders. Hackers won't be able to steal your personal and payment information when you're online banking, shopping online, or chatting on social networks. All the data you send and receive is transmitted through an encrypted and secure VPN channel;

  • Secure connection. Kaspersky Secure Connection allows you to establish a secure Internet connection. At the same time, the program does not log your actions on the Internet and does not keep track of the sites you visit.

What's great about this program?

  • Antivirus protection. If the background scan detects viruses, dangerous applications, links, or files, Kaspersky Fast Secure VPN for Android blocks them instantly, providing reliable protection from threats;

  • Background scan. Antivirus checks downloaded applications in the background for malware, spyware, encryption, phishing, and more, protecting your devices from online threats;

  • App Lock. The App Lock feature protects your personal communications and financial information with a secret code for accessing the app you choose and helps keep important data like messages, photos, files, etc. out of view;

  • Device Search. The program includes a tool to find a lost or stolen device. You can remotely turn on the siren, take a picture from the front camera to find out where your phone is, and block access to the device or delete all personal data from it;

  • Blocking dangerous sites and links. Antivirus blocks malicious and fraudulent links, including links to phishing websites created to steal your money. It helps you protect your financial information when you're shopping online;

  • Devices on your network. If a new device connects to your WiFi network, you get a notification and advice on blocking unwelcome guests. The technology also recognizes intelligent devices, such as a thermostat, stove, or doorbell, and monitors the security of your home network.


More info

Kaspersky Lab UK Limited
33.63 MB
Kaspersky Fast Secure VPN_v1.58.0.6.apk
Download APK for Android
  • Reliable protection
  • Versatility
  • Cross-platform
  • Only 200 MB of traffic per day is free


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