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Photo & Video editing and sharing for free

Instagram is a free social media app that you can use to share photos and videos.

Instagram on your smartphone is an excellent option to get into the social network that allows you to enjoy all the best here, right from your cell phone screen.

How to install

Instagram is straightforward. Once you download and install the file, the app will ask if you want to run it in language settings. Once you confirm, the program will start the installation.

If you want to communicate with your friends more than just sharing photos and videos, Instagram is perfect. For example, if you're going to send a picture from a recent vacation, you can do it right from the main menu of your account. All other settings are available from the control panel, which means you can also change settings from there.

Basic Features

The official Instagram is straightforward to navigate, so there's no reason you can't upload photos and share videos with your friends. It has everything you need to make your Instagram account work. With various add-ons, you can personalize your desktop background and how your photos/videos look when you take them.

Make your online photo album

Instagram has messaging, history, and IGTV functions, but the main thing here is the ability to edit and share photos. The user will be able to take pictures, edit them within the program and publish them to the account.

The photo editor features on Instagram are very advanced and distributed for free. Take advantage of the extensive library of ready-made filters inside the program and change the blurred photo's color, shadows, highlights, and sharpness.

New feature for working with videos

Instagram expands features regarding Stories (short videos/photos with a delete feature after one day) and IGTV (full-length videos and live broadcasts). We should add that the IGTV function has become very popular among bloggers and business owners.


Reels allow you to make multi-clip videos for 15 seconds from the user's photo/video collections. You need to open the IG camera and select it from the bottom to start recording.

Editing Tools:

  • Audio,

  • Speed,

  • Effects,

  • Timer.

By sharing the recording, it will be able to match the privacy of the user's account (public or available only to subscribers).


Instagram is world-famous. Taking photos on your mobile device to share with your followers is easy. It's easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

  • One of the best photo editors
  • Great interface
  • Stories
  • It has a dark mode
  • There are privacy issues

Also available in other platforms