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Drive your train through the Indian rail network

Indian Train Simulator for Android is a life-like simulator game allowing you to drive trains on Indian railways. You can drive the Indian trains in three different environments of India: Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. The game presents diesel and electric locomotives from Indian Railways, including some of their most famous trains, such as Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, etc.

The game is developed by Highbrow Interactive, known for creating some of the best railroad simulator games.

What is the gameplay?

The gameplay is similar to most other train simulation games. You will be given a mission at the start of each level and must complete this before moving on to the next stage. Your goal in each mission is different; some levels require you to reach a specific station within a certain time limit, while others require you to transport passengers from one place to another without losing any lives. The game features 32 real-life Indian stations, including Jaipur, Mumbai, Godhra, Bengaluru, Mathura, Chennai, New Delhi, and many more.

What are the game modes?

The Indian Train Simulator for Android has several modes to offer:

  • Story mode provides a gradual introduction to all the features of the game. In this mode, you will experience all the fun of being a train driver. You will be given various missions to complete, each harder than the previous one. As you progress through each level, new destinations will be unlocked for you to visit.

  • Custom Mode allows you to create your train route. You can build your own station, choose from various trains and add passengers to your train. This mode is perfect for those who like to create their world and play with it as they wish.

  • Several mini-games will test your skills in rail travel, such as shunting and coupling cars together.

What trains does Indian Train Simulator offer?

The app has a wide variety of trains for you to choose from. These include the Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express, Double-Decker Express, WAP7, WDG4, WAG7 (Tiger Face), and many more. Each train comes with its own unique features, such as different carriages, speeds, and capacity. The Indian Train Simulator Game trains are highly detailed and realistic, with accurate physics and animations.

Key features

  • Very realistic and accurate Signalling System, which features a variety of signals such as speed restriction signs, stop boards, crossover points, and much more.

  • Over 25 camera angles: you can view the train from different angles, such as the driver's cab, front end, side carriages, and even through the windows.

  • Highly-detailed driver cabins for every locomotive: you can view the driver cabins in detail, including all control switches and levers.

  • Authentic Passenger coaches: they are highly detailed and include different types of seats. Many of these seats even feature passengers that move and react to the train's movements.

  • Loco Hood Side selection: you can choose to view the side of the locomotive or its front.

  • Controllable Doors: you can open and close the doors as you like. The doors will also open automatically when you reach your destination.

  • Coupling/Decoupling: you can choose to couple and decouple the locomotive from its coaches.

  • Dynamic Time and Weather: the time of day and weather conditions will change according to the real-time in your location.

  • Photo Mode: you can take stunning screenshots by changing the camera angle.


Indian Train Simulator for Android is a fun game that allows you to feel the thrill of driving a real train. The graphics and sounds are realistic, the controls are easy to learn, and there are many different difficulty levels to choose from. It will make you feel like an actual driver of a train and will give you the real-life experience of being on a train.


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