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Enter the house and uncover the secrets

The modern development of the game industry strikes everyone's imagination. Today, it isn't easy to be surprised by photo-realism or the realistic physics of interaction with the world around you. ААА projects collect billions and look like Hollywood blockbusters. However, there are still projects with other unusual features, such as atmosphere, setting, and exciting stories. They do not aspire to highly technical lighting or a global open world. These projects want to take you to an alternative world or make you feel nostalgic.

Hello Neighbor for Android is such a project. It is a vivid and interesting game with a unique and unforgettable charm.

What is this game?

Hello Neighbor is an adventure game about an annoying neighbor where the player has to sneak into the house, find out what the evil neighbor is hiding, and not encounter him. At the same time, the artificial intelligence of the neighbor remembers your actions and tries to resist them.

Hello Neighbor for Android is a multiplatform computer game of the survival horror genre. Your goal is to sneak into your neighbor's house's basement to discover his secrets and mysteries. Artificial intelligence allows the neighbor to perform various actions, such as setting traps along paths that you've passed before, putting up new windows to replace the broken ones, and so on.


Your game character is a carefree boy playing a ball. Suddenly he hears the heartbreaking screams of his neighbor while playing. Of course, the boy wonders what's going on there. That's how the storyline starts.

The storyline is primarily exciting and interesting. It lasts four acts, and the environment changes slightly in each act. The duration of the action depends on your deductive skills.


The starting video shows that the key to the desired room is stored on the second floor. But how should you get there? Probably you have to get inside the house unnoticeably. After all, no one knows what the neighbor can do! What if he keeps another child lock? This is the primary advantage of the game: the main goal is shown; just improvise and think about every step.

There is no tutorial in the game. It would help if you pressed all the standard buttons to learn how to interact with the game world from the beginning of the game. Not every option is intuitive, but you can check the control settings.

Game features

The character can run, jump, sneak, pick up, and throw objects. There is an inventory of four items. There are no size limitations: you can even carry garbage cans in your pockets. However, it is primarily designed for storing valuable things, such as wrenches, magnets, and other tools. It would be best if you moved quietly and inconspicuously to avoid the chase. In the house, it is possible to hide in a closet or break a window and escape quickly.

The lack of a parkour system is a minor drawback of the game. You cannot also hook on ledges and pull up then. This feature would greatly simplify the gameplay. You must build towers out of possible items to get to some places.

The goal of the game

The idea of Hello Neighbor for Android is straightforward: the protagonist and his neighbor are in the house across the street. The neighbor hides something very mysterious and creepy in the basement of his house, and the main hero must solve this mystery.

The primary feature of the game that the developers focus on is the neighbor's artificial intelligence which adapts to your actions. If you often climb through a window, the neighbor will put a trap under it, and if you walk on the same route, a camera will appear on your way.

Your neighbor also hears well: if you throw objects or run through his house, he hears you and comes to find out what's happening. Stealth mechanics are used here: you can hide from your neighbor in a closet, distract him with noise, or just go around him crouching.

The game consists of three acts, telling about three moments in the life of the main character: two from his childhood and one from adulthood. The first acts are effortless and are a kind of warm-up before the third act when the neighbor's house grows to an incredible size, the puzzles become very complicated, and three mini-games appear (you can get valuable abilities for completing them).

  • Intuitive controls
  • Adaptive AI
  • A large community
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Objectives not immediately apparent
  • Repetitive
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