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GTL GettingOut - Stay Connected with Incarcerated Loved Ones

GTL GettingOut is a communication platform that allows friends and family members to stay in touch with their loved ones who are incarcerated. With the app, users can easily send messages, photos, and videos to their loved ones, as well as receive and send voice messages. The app also offers video visitation capabilities, which allow users to have face-to-face conversations with their incarcerated loved ones from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, the app provides users with access to important information, such as inmate location and release dates, and offers the ability to fund their loved one's phone and commissary accounts. GTL GettingOut is a valuable tool for anyone who has a loved one who is incarcerated, providing them with a convenient and affordable way to stay connected and show their support.

GTL GettingOut

GTL GettingOut is a revolutionary new Android app that makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family who are currently in prison. With GTL GettingOut, users can easily access inmate-specific information, communication tools, and more, all from the convenience of their mobile device. This app is designed to make it easier than ever to stay in touch with loved ones while they’re away.

Main Features

GTL GettingOut provides users with an impressive array of features. In addition to providing access to inmate information, users can also take advantage of:

  • Video Visiting – With GTL GettingOut, users can schedule and conduct video visits with inmates from anywhere in the world.

  • Voice Calling – GTL GettingOut also offers voice calling features that allow users to easily and securely place calls to inmates.

  • Messaging – The app also offers inmates and their families the ability to stay in touch via secure messaging features.

  • Fund Transfer – GTL GettingOut makes it easy to transfer funds to inmates, so that their needs can be met while they’re in prison.


GTL GettingOut provides a variety of benefits to users. For starters, it makes it easier to stay connected with inmates, no matter where they are. Additionally, users can take advantage of the secure communication tools to ensure that their conversations are kept private. Finally, the app also provides users with the ability to easily transfer funds to inmates, so that they can take care of their needs.


GTL GettingOut is an innovative new Android app that makes it easy to stay connected with inmates while they’re away. With a variety of features and benefits, this app is designed to make the experience of staying in touch with loved ones easier than ever.

  • The GTL GettingOut app allows users to securely and conveniently manage communication with their friends and family while they are incarcerated
  • The app features video chat message boards and email making it easy to stay connected
  • The app provides access to music and entertainment allowing users to stay engaged and entertained
  • The app is free to download and use
  • The app is only available to certain correctional facilities
  • In order to have access to the app users must have an approved device and be setup with an account from their facility
  • The app has limited language support so users may not be able to use the app in their native language
  • Users may experience technical difficulties with the app as it is still relatively new and may not be bug-free
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