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A convenient way to visualize data

Graphical Analysis is a based application specially designed to work with master and wireless sensors to make it easy to demonstrate laboratory works to students. Graphical Analysis is compatible with most Vernier probes connecting them to lab interfaces, such as LabQuest 2, LabQuest Stream, or LabQuest Mini.

Basic functionality of Graphic Analysis

This program gives Android device users more possibilities to work with wireless sensors. The range of which continues to expand. It also supports Bluetooth and USB connection modes as an additional option. A function allows students to work in groups using LabQuest2 or Logger Pro 3. Each connected device receives its own copy of the practice data under the same conditions.

Graphical Analysis simultaneously collects data from multiple sensors using popular interfaces like LabQuest Stream or Go Direct wireless sensors. There is an option of data sharing for different types of Vernier analyzers. You can set up the delayed start based on both events and time. The function of simultaneous recording can be helpful in some instances. In the app, users can control the data sampling rate and length of the experiment.

Graphical Analysis also enables the collection of data when reaching a particular indicator without the need to calibrate sensors. It also allows you to enter data manually or copy it from the clipboard. In this program, users can easily change units of measurement on most sensors.

More practical functions of this program

This application controls the number of graphs on the screen by simultaneously setting the scale - one, two, or three. Users can always change the coordinates and show graphs with lines or points to select from. Other vital functions are available, including calculating statistics (on all data or only on the desired part) and linearizing individual data columns to chosen sensors.

With Graphical Analysis, you can view and highlight data in tables along with interpolation and extrapolation based on graphical data. Once you have imported data from LabQuest 2, your computer can quickly transfer it to your studies for further payment.

This program offers a convenient mechanism for working with calculation results, saving them on a drive, and exporting data files from Graphical Analysis for using them in Logger Pro 3. Graphical analysis makes it easy for students to work with graphs of experimental data in real time. Students improve their projects by including annotations, statistics, and curves in their lab reports.

Should I download Graphical Analysis ?

If you are a user of a based mobile device, then Graphical Analysis will be a perfect choice for you. This accessible data analytic program is designed to collect and analyze data received from various sensors produced by Vernier.

The software enables both wireless and wired modes of data collection. For example, you can receive data on temperature, movement, force, pH, and many other parameters that can be measured with the Vernier sensors. Graphical Analysis is an app that automatically saves data and annotations so students can view and analyze data at home or anywhere outside the university. Students can use their projects for lab reports or email the teacher. They can also save, print, or export data to third-party applications.

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