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Bust ghosts with your friends in Ghostbusters World!

Ghostbusters World is an augmented reality game in the Ghostbusters universe. You have to fight ghosts while traveling through the real world. The game uses actual geographic data so the rare ghosts can be caught only in specific places on the Earth. We will tell you more about this game.


Every Ghostbuster wants to collect as many ghosts as possible. The game has a special section called Tobin's Guide. This book contains all the ghosts you have already caught and others you still have to catch. You can click on a ghost that interests you and get brief information about it.

Ghosts are well-thought-out in the game, so it's worth taking a closer look at them. Every ghost has a set of characteristics, including:

  • Attack;

  • Defense;

  • HP;

  • Crit Rate;

  • Crit Damage;

  • Speed;

  • Resistance.

Every ghost also has three primary attributes:

  • Level;

  • Relation to a specific element;

  • Rank.

The level of a ghost is the number of stars it has, from 1 to 6. In Ghostbusters World, you can encounter a ghost up to level 5. There are 5 different elements in Ghostbusters World:

  • Water;

  • Fire;

  • Earth;

  • Dark Energy;

  • Electric.

The most common ghosts can take different forms depending on their elemental affiliation, e.g., Water Golem, Fire Golem, or Earth Golem. The rank of a ghost is indicated in its profile by the letters D, C, B, A, and S (from the worst to the best).

At the beginning of the game, you get ghosts of 1 and 2 stars (and of 3-5 stars if you are fortunate). Try to create a team of high-level ghosts (they have the highest combat power).

To unlock more possible attacks of ghosts, you need to increase their ranks. Each ghost has the following skills:

  • Special Skill;

  • Normal Skill;

  • Passive Skill;

  • Leader Skill.

At the game's beginning, each ghost only has access to Special and Normal skills. The Passive Skill opens at level 3, and the Leader Skill begins at level 5. As the ghost's rank increases, you can equip it with various items, such as Runes.


You need P.K.E. Crystals to raise the level of the ghost. Once you have reached the maximum level of the ghost, you need to increase its rank.

To raise a rank, you may need additional items, such as Coins, P.K.E. Crystals, Element Shards, and Slime Shards. You can get these items for progress in various game modes of Ghostbusters World . Once you upgrade a ghost to level 3, you will realize that you need many things for each improvement, so you should upgrade just the most necessary ghosts. Once you get a new rank, the maximum possible level of the ghost also increases.

The combat system

Take part in as many battles as possible every day. This will allow you to get the items you need to upgrade ghosts and strengthen your team.

The combat system in Ghostbusters World is quite simple: there are automatic and manual battle modes. It doesn't matter which mode you choose for easy battles with a low level of difficulty, but it is better to use manual mode for brutal fighting. The battle unfolds step by step. You can change the mode of the fight and its speed on the battle screen.

There are several options for battles in Ghostbusters World . They can be unlocked after reaching a certain level:

  • PvP is also available. This mode is called Arena. Your ghost team fights against another player's team. You get various rewards for winning battles. Moreover, there are daily and weekly missions that are worth completing to earn rewards;

  • Raid mode is also available in Ghostbusters World. You can team up with multiple players to defeat a mighty boss. Unfortunately, you only get prizes for winning: you can't even try to catch a boss;

  • Story mode is the primary mode in the game. This is where you pass the levels, and the game teaches you simultaneously. Each level gets more challenging and requires a stronger ghost team to pass the game.

Catching ghosts

To catch a ghost, you must first defeat it. Then you can throw a trap and try to catch it. It would help if you also reduced a ghost's health level to half to start trapping it. You can use your main or additional weapon in two ways.

To use the primary weapon, just aim at the ghost by moving your smartphone and then press the "Blast" button. These weapons take time to reload, but their ammo is free and endless. Additional weapons are more powerful, but you must buy or create ammo.

You also have defense weapons. As soon as the ghost is about to attack you during a battle, you can see a red "Counter" button on the screen. If you press it before it disappears, you will do a lot of damage to the ghost with your weapon. Otherwise, you'll take damage from the ghost's attack.

Your goal is to catch the ghost before it lowers your HP to zero. Your health points are displayed as a red bar at the bottom of the screen. If you lose a battle, you'll get into the same place on the map where you were.

After you have reduced a health level of a ghost to half with your weapon, you can try to trap it. It would help if you pressed the corresponding button in the lower right corner to throw a trap. Then you need to continue shooting at the ghost and move it to a trap beam. The ghost will be trapped after a few seconds (the timer is displayed next to the ghost).

If the ghost moves away from the trap, you can try to lower its health to make it weaker.

When the ghost is trapped, it is not caught yet. The trap has to shake a few times, and then an electric shock should go through it. Then the catching process is complete. Otherwise, the ghost may escape from the trap and run away.

You must always have a supply of traps and ammo to fight ghosts. Ammo is only used for additional weapons because the primary weapons have unlimited ammo.

Ghosts of 3 stars and below don't need powerful weapons or unusual traps because ordinary weapons and simple traps are enough. Stronger ghosts may require purchasing more powerful weapons and traps to catch them easily.

Other interesting game mechanics

Ghostbusters World has some interesting game mechanics:

  • Achievements. You can get rewards for your achievements. It is possible to view them in the "Missions" section;

  • Daily Rewards: you will receive daily rewards if you run the game every day;

  • Destabilization: you can sell your ghost. It disappears from your collection, and you get items for it;

  • Remote Gates: these are small portals that give drops after a specific time.

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