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A ruthless timekiller

Genshin Impact is a breathtaking role-playing game with a stunning open world from miHoYo. Dare to explore the mysterious world of Teyvat, where the most unexpected adventures await you. In Genshin Impact, you are a brother and sister on a journey.

But suddenly, your twin is kidnapped by a mysterious creature - your search for a twin after waking up in an unfamiliar area. You must explore the entire continent, visit seven kingdoms, and meet excellent companions. Solve all the mysteries of this beautiful world and try to find your soulmate. We will tell you more about this game.

Open world quests

Most of the time, you will complete quests in the open world. There are several types of investigations in this game:

  • Archon quests. These are quests along the main storyline of the game. They are opened in sequence as you reach certain levels. These quests are distinguished by their elaboration, quality cutscenes, and a lengthy storyline running throughout the game;

  • Story quests. These quests are related to certain characters. You can get to know each of the characters individually, including gameplay-wise. As a rule, these quests take no more than 2 hours to complete, and they are still well adjusted;

  • World quests. These quests are usually given to NPCs in the open world. Many of them are created according to well-known patterns, but you can also find many original, exciting, and curious quests. Even the not-so-original quests are usually backed up by a compelling story keeping you entertained;

  • Commissions. These are ordinary daily quests. Every day you are given 4 such tasks, and you can get much experience and other resources for completing them. Their completion takes about 15 minutes.

Diverse gameplay

The world of Genshin Impact is divided into many small regions. You need to find and open towers called Statues of the Seven to see the full maps of the regions. There are also teleporters scattered around the world. After opening them, you get permanent access to them from anywhere in the world. All the areas are very different.

There are classic green fantasy plains, a vast snowy mountain with a secret at the very top, and an area with huge rocks piercing the sky. Each region has a fascinating design, gameplay, and story. There are several bosses in each region, and you must fight each of them daily. They are different, but many are made in the same patterns and do not pretend to be original in this game. For example, there are fire, air, electric, and ice cubes. There are also many dungeons scattered around the world of Genshin Impact, and they are needed to grind materials and artifacts. Dungeons are mostly the same, except for some unique dungeons. You have to visit them while performing the Story or Archon quests.

Additional possibilities

In addition to quests, you will also encounter other activities in your wanderings through the endless world. For example, collecting anemoculi. Anemoculus is an item allowing you to increase your endurance and get additional materials. Anemoculi is scattered around the world and can stand in different places. When you get close, they begin to be highlighted on the map. But this doesn't mean the work is done because their searching often requires a player's wit. Moreover, you will also solve puzzles, get good rewards, or discover something new. Outposts can also be found at different points of the game world.

Teleports, Statues of the Seven, anemoculi, and outposts may not seem very interesting to explore. But Mihoyo developers have discovered the main secret of how to explore the game world by making the process of movement fascinating. The world is covered by various mountains, rocks, constructions, and other obstacles, and you can fly when jumping from heights (the mechanics are taken from Zelda). As a result, movement from point A to point B becomes an exciting task with the planning of the route based on landscape, destination, enemies, obstacles, and supporting elements of the world.

Combat system

Genshin Impact's combat system is based on characters and elemental attack interactions. There are 7 elements in the game:

  • Pyro (Fire);

  • Hydro (Water);

  • Dendro (Venom);

  • Electro;

  • Anemo (Air);

  • Cryo (Crio/Cold);

  • Geo (Earth).

All elements except Dendro have their characters. All of these elements are useful in different situations. For example, Geo creates crystals that make a shield blocking the damage of the enemy, Anemo spreads other parts over a large area, Hydro + Cryo freezes the enemy, and so on. You can create different combinations of character commands in the combat system. Creation of the final build takes the elements, abilities, attacks, weapon type, and characteristics into account. The combat system requires using various elemental interactions with different character abilities to kill monsters as effectively as possible.


As you complete a campaign, you receive a starter set of characters. Subsequent characters (loot boxes) can be obtained through prayers. Prayers have fixed odds of dropping items shown in the description. You are guaranteed to get a character or weapon of at least 4 stars for every 10 prayers. Prayers can be bought with the Primogem, given to you for many activities. Characters have one of 5 types of weapons: spear, sword, claymore, bow, and grimoire.

The spear is characterized by its length, the sword — by its speed, the claymore — by its destructive power and strength, the bow — by distance, and the grimoire gives the attack the elemental effect of the character. Each character also has 5 slots for artifacts, increasing the stats of characters. You can get additional bonus properties for collected sets of artifacts. You can customize your characters in exciting ways with artifacts and weapons. All characters differ, so getting each new one is an entire event.


The economy in the game is set up well; no material or item is coming to you for nothing. Even the weakest artifacts and weapons are needed to improve other things. At the same time, the game is not overloaded with many consumables. You can get everything you need on Your device own without much stress, even the currency for opening characters.

Gacha system

When we talk about Genshin Impact, we should mention its monetization system or gacha mechanics. Gacha games are based on collecting/gaining certain items (and the characters in this case). You can play the game without donating, but it will still be fascinating. But some players can fall for the bait of the developers and start losing much money there. This game is very skillful in manipulating players with psychological tricks and odds of dropping a particular character so play this game only if you are not a gambler.

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