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Joel Miller
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View and work with 3D modeling wherever you are

What is Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 is a cloud platform for 3D modeling, design, and production of models of future products. You can view and collaborate with your 3D models. The application supports more than 100 file formats, including DWG, SLDPRT, IPT, IAM, CATPART, IGES, STEP, and STL. Easily share designs with your team, customers, partners, and friends.

The application gives you the opportunity to design a free three-dimensional shape, appearance, and functionality for your projects. There are many useful comprehensive tools for creating quality models. Use Android Account Manager to manage Autodesk, store data offline, and grant access to your files on your device. You can also add media files to the app for viewing, sharing, and markup.

Application functionality

The first thing you can do in the Android version is to view and track project updates. Here is an advanced view of 3D structures and assemblies, which will allow you to control the process of access to a computer. All properties, parts lists, and model components will be available. It is also possible to make minor changes here, but on a small screen, it is quite inconvenient.

Quickly share the results of your work among your team or company or send them to customers. You can also take a screenshot of the markup program and upload photos for more information. Other people who have access to the project can leave comments under it to improve the result.

Additional Fusion 360 resources

  • Instructions. If you don't understand certain tools at the beginning of the review, read the technical documentation and step-by-step guides from Autodesk.

  • Events. The development team often organizes live webinars and other situational events. On them, you can learn a lot about using the application and increase your skills.

  • Community forum. This is a platform where people with similar interests in the field of 3D modeling have gathered. There are mini-courses and video tutorials to get you started. You can also ask for the advice and opinion of others here.

  • Company blog. Here you can follow the latest news, new features, and product updates. They also have a YouTube channel for those who prefer the video format.

  • Support. You have easy access to the Autodesk Fusion 360 technical support team.

Is it worth downloading Autodesk Fusion 360 for Android?

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a really interesting program to try. Many features are available to help you with 3D modeling, tutorials, and community forums. Downloading and using is completely secure, and all your projects remain confidential and yours alone. If you have any problems, contact the technical support center.

You can use the app for free for personal needs or your own hobby. If you are a student, teacher, or educational institution in the fields of production, engineering, or design - you will also be free to use. The company also supports startups with less than ten employees and less than three years. The creators of the application are trying to release regular updates, add new features and improve usage. Try using Autodesk Fusion 360 on your smartphone, and decide whether to upgrade to a computer version.


More info

Autodesk Inc.
25.94 MB
Fusion 360_v2.5.0.apk

What’s new

Bug fixes, security fixes and improved model viewer

  • Free to download
  • More than 100 data formats are available
  • Easy viewing
  • Training sessions on work
  • Opportunities for effective teamwork
  • Suitable for anyone
  • The mobile version can be inconvenient due to the small screen