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Fruit Ninja 2


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Fruit Ninja 2
Halfbrick Studios
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Joel Miller
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Everyone's favorite fruit-slicing game

Fruit Ninja 2 is a free and engaging arcade game for mobile on your devices. Halfbrick Studios has developed this entertaining game. This is the second version of the original game, and it comes with better graphics, new characters, and location backgrounds.

Furthermore, the game provides players with new solo modes and a real-time online competition, meaning you can now challenge other ninjas from all over the world to become the Fruit Ninja champion.

More about Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja 2 is a modified version of Fruit Ninja and was released ten years after the introduction of the original game. In general, the gameplay remains the same. The payers have to slice the fruits that appear on their screen and avoid the bombs at the same time. Also, there are still powerups you need to cut to get more time or increase your score.

Fruit Ninja 2 also enables users to create combos, blitz, and critical hits if they want to reach a higher score. The most significant advantage of this game is that new solo modes are now available. Apart from these modes, there still are the original classic, arcade, and zen modes. But the most entertaining of them is the online multiplayer mode, where you can take on other players and become the Fruit Ninja Champion. However, achieving this status requires getting a high rank, which is not easy.

Key features

  • There are available additional new avatars and taunt packs

  • You can invite friends or relatives using the VS Friend mode and spend a great time together

  • There are an all-new variety of powerups

  • Available new good-looking arenas, and each arena have its visuals and soundtrack.


Fruit Ninja 2 is an amusing game you can install on Your device mobile device. However, it has the same gameplay as the original version, with new entertaining modes and additional features. Fruit Ninja 2 has beautiful graphics and unique backgrounds, allowing you to experience fun alone or in the company of friends.

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