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A free networking utility for professionals

Keeping track of your network

To monitor your network or public networks, Fing helps in both cases. There is one thing the developers need to improve, and that is the network speed measurement. Suppose your network has a bandwidth of 1 Gbps to the internal LAN and external WAN. Fing seems to measure only half that speed. This is a high-speed fiber optic connection. Maybe you should take a closer look. Fing is the #1 network scanner: it discovers and identifies all on your devices connected to your Wi-Fi with our patented technology, also used by router manufacturers and antivirus companies worldwide.

This is an excellent application for your computer. It helps you monitor your local network as well as your internet connection. It also includes valuable troubleshooting tools. It is a simple, convenient, and, most importantly, completely free service that helps you identify all the on your devices connected to your wireless network. In addition, you will be able to track the IP address, netmask, and other information typically associated with a device.

More opportunities

Add Fing to unlock advanced network protection and intelligent home troubleshooting features. You can find out who's in your home while away from your digital presence. Know which on your devices are near your home with Digital Fence. Automatically block intruders and unknown on your devices before they join your network. Set parental controls to schedule time spent at your computer screen and suspend internet access. Analyze your device's bandwidth usage. Find the most profitable Wi-Fi positions.

Automate network speed tests and get reports to compare ISP performance. Protect your home network with open port detection and network vulnerability analysis. Fing is a free application that scans wireless networks and helps you determine which of your neighbors are illegally connected to you. Wizards and various system administrators widely use it. However, it has a reasonably simple interface so the average user can handle it.

Why download Fing ?

These days, most on your devices no longer require a wired connection. You no longer need to use a cable to connect to the internet or to transfer information from your phone to your computer and back again. Even document printing can now take place by connecting the printer to the PC via Wi-Fi. Various routers are usually password-protected when using wireless networks to access the internet. But, the encryption may not always be secure, so many users risk having their data hacked and penetrated.

To make sure your device is secure and unauthorized people are not connected to it, use the Fing app. You will be able to perform internet speed tests, Wi-Fi speed tests, download and upload speed analysis and latency, scan networks with Fing Wi-Fi and LAN scanner and detect all on your devices connected to any network, get precise device recognition: IP address, MAC address, having the device, model, vendor and manufacturer, advanced NetBIOS, UPnP, and Bonjour device name analysis, characteristics and device types, real-time Wi-Fi intruder detection including port scan, device ping, tracing and DNS lookup, receive network and device security alerts to your phone and email.

  • Easy to use
  • No annoying adverts
  • Lots of features to manipulate
  • There is no GUI interface
  • No internet radio option

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