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Get the most out of the FBReader

The FBReader application has been around on Android since the beginning and is the most popular alternative to its competitors. Even though its interface has changed quite a bit over time, the popularity of this alternative ebook reading experience hasn't faded at all, and it's still used by many people every single day. Let's look at how you can use the FBReader app to improve your reading experience.

What is FBReader?

FBReader is a free and open-source application that can be downloaded on any platform. The application is primarily used as an e-reader but has many other features. You may not know that you can use this program to translate words into different languages and read RSS feeds. The interface is configurable, with various display and font settings. Many other formats are available, including PDF, EPUB, HTML, TXT, RTF, and more.

How to Install FBReader on Android Devices

To install FBReader on your Android device:

  • Download and install the FBReader application from the Google Play Store.

  • Open the app, and you will be taken to a screen with a list of books already loaded into your library.

  • Tap on a book and tap "Open" to start reading it, or tap "Add" at the bottom of the screen if you want to add more books to your library from your device's storage or SD card.

The app supports Android 1.5 and up.


The first thing you'll notice about the interface is how intuitive it is. It's easy to navigate and organize your books by clicking on the tabs. The second thing is that it has many more options than other apps in its category. For example, it offers different types of font styles (serif, sans serif, and cursive) and various classes of sizes. Plus, you can also customize the margins to suit your preferences and decide if you want line numbers or not.

Key features

  • Books: The app's primary focus is reading books, which you'll find in the Books tab.

  • Collections: The Collections tab is where you can create, edit, and delete your book collections. This includes the books you've read and those you want to read.

  • Syncing across devices: You can sync your reading progress across any other devices you might regularly use, such as your laptop, phone, or tablet.

  • Search: The search function lets you find books by title, author, or genre.

  • Notes: Using the integrated Keep feature, you can take notes on your books.

  • Open in other apps: You can "Open in" additional apps to read some of your books with other apps.

  • Read aloud: You can play the audiobook while you read.

  • Swipe to navigate: Navigate through your books by swiping left or right.      

FBReader for Android versions

The application is available in two versions: free and paid (or Premium). FBReader Premium includes:

  • Working with additional book formats.

  • Reading aloud for text formats (not for PDF but DjVu).

  • Integration with Google Translate.

By buying Premium, you pay once, and it's not a subscription.

Supported file formats

ePub3 and ePub, Mobi, RTF, DjVu, PDF, some comics file extensions, DOC and DOCX, fb2, fb2.zip, and plain text.


FBReader provides a great alternative to other eBooks. The great thing about this application is that it supports many formats and is available in more than 20 languages, which makes it a popular choice among global readers. However, the downside is that some features like bookmarks or text highlighting are missing. However, if you're looking for a clean, easy-to-use interface, then FBReader might be worth checking out.


More info

3.1 beta 35
8.66 MB
FBReader Favorite Book Reader_v3.1 beta 35.apk

What’s new

Fixed garbage text issue in some HTML and mobi files

  • Free version available
  • Simple to use
  • Search tool
  • Lacking some features
  • Full functions in the paid version


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