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A quality report generator

Report generators are a particular class of programs that programmers and corporate users actively use, i.e., everyone who needs a detailed report on the data in the required time and form.

There are many such generator programs, but FastReport Pages from the Fast Reports company take a special place among them due to the convenience of the program for the end user.

Where is this software used?

Programmers in various industries and software developers have long used FastReport Pages. They integrate it into their programs, modify it for specific needs, and develop reports for inconsistent end users. The names of companies using FastReport are well-known; many works with this system at various levels (ERP, MRP II, or CRM).

Primary features

FastReport Pages allows users to work with the following features:

  • Continuous page. This mode provides a constant page containing the entire data set you have received. This feature is useful when printing a significant collection of data. There is no interruption and no need to change the paper. Printing on a roll is a prime example of this feature. It is possible to organize a continuous page in both height and width;

  • Print simulation. This new feature will amaze many experienced FastReport users. It is a direct print control. You can cut a sizeable A3 page into A4 pages, glue A4 pages into A3, and even shrink A3 to A4 proportionally. You can do this without changing a report or setting up complex report processing procedures. Now you can print your reports the way you want;

  • Resetting page numbering. This feature allows you to mass-print multipage documents with the unique total for each set;

  • Page thumbnails. They appear on the left side of the preview to help you see various errors;

  • Printing the name of a copy. This feature allows you to make sure you don't confuse about the documents you are printing at the moment;

  • Print order. You can specify how to publish the report in the printer's dialog box, i.e., the order of printing and formatting pages or their copies.

Export features

There were specific difficulties with saving to Excel, PDF, and HTML in earlier versions of FastReport Pages. The situation has changed in recent versions as the developers have improved their programs. Now you can export documents in various formats with ease.

What's great about this program?

This tool is designed for indirect management and control of your company's activities. It allows you to get all the necessary reports as graphs, charts, tables, and figures. You can monitor the effectiveness of your company, look at statistics on payments of your business partners, transfers to banks, salary growth in your company, and manage other parameters.

Improvements in recent versions

The developers of FastReport Pages are constantly improving their brainchild to make it perfect. The following improvements have been added in the latest versions of the program:

  • Increased speed of working with images;

  • Encryption of the report files (the Rijndael algorithm). This feature increases the security of reports (without encryption, reports and templates are stored in XML formats, so they are entirely unprotected);

  • Drill-down interactive reports. A user can control the necessary level of detail of the data in the preview window;

  • Improved cell management;

  • Improved management of cross-tab items;

  • The Line object can now have arrows;

  • Support for PNG images;

  • Support for exporting to Open Document Format for Office Applications (OASIS), tables (ods), and text documents (odt). This feature is vital for open-source programs, such as OpenOffice.


Efficiency, versatility, and ease of use are the primary characteristics of the new version of FastReport Pages . You can quickly obtain clear reports of any orientation. FastReport Pages is the basis for implementing your company's business intelligence (BI) strategy.

  • Easy to use
  • All the necessary features for managing business reports
  • Versatility
  • None