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This game is for those who have forgotten what it means to be scared in games

It is difficult enough to scare sophisticated gamers and horror fans. The developers' attempts to do so often lead to laughter or yawning but not the desired fear. But one specimen in the world of video games achieved this goal. Eyes: The Horror for Android is a multiplatform indie horror. The protagonist of the game gets into the abandoned house, where he has to search for bags of gold.

What is this game?

The protagonist of this game is a treasure hunter. He stumbles upon an abandoned house which piques his professional interest. He sneaks inside and begins to explore it for profit. The good news is that some gold is hidden in the place, and the bad news is that the ghost of its mistress guards it.

Players have to explore all the rooms and collect bags of coins. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid ghosts. She wanders the corridors looking for a robber and will attack him as soon as possible. Look around to prevent an unwanted encounter. If you notice any creature, run away without a backward glance.

Players have a superpower that allows them to see what's happening out of the eyes of the ghost for some time. This feature helps to understand where the mistress is and avoid her sudden appearance. You must find unique eye signs on the walls to activate this vision.


First of all, let's consider the house. It is a building with many rooms that you can enter. There are many corridors, so it is straightforward to get confused. Fortunately, the main hero draws the map as he is going through the house, and this map should help you a little bit. The situation is complicated by several floors and a basement. Each room has various items, such as cabinets, TVs, tables, chairs, and other appliances. Some objects move, make noises and try to scare the player to create a unique atmosphere of incomprehension about what is happening.

The primary danger

However, the house is not the scariest part of the game. Eyes: The Horror for Android has a ghostly antagonist who will desperately try to catch you. The name of this dangerous girl is Krasue. The house belongs to her, so she doesn't want to share her savings with you. She will cause your nightmares for the next few nights after passing the game.


The game starts with a chat where the protagonist is communicating with someone. Immediately after that, you will see a summary of the game rules, and the events will start.


All bags are scattered around the house and can be in any room. To enter a room, you must push against the door, which will open. These bags are highlighted to help the player see a sparkling element in a dark room. But don't forget about another not-so-friendly character. Krasue is constantly hunting for you. If you hesitate a bit, the ghost suddenly appears on full screen with a nasty sound, and the game is now over.


The oppressive and terrifying atmosphere in Eyes: The Horror for Android is fully developed. As it is supposed to be, there is no lighting in the house except for the protagonist's flashlight. It lights up just a tiny area, so you cannot predict what you can expect at the other end of the corridor. Sometimes there is the scary sound of thunder. The sounds the ghost makes are not very pleasant either.

The rules of the game are flexible enough in terms of the player's choice of strategy. This means you don't have to tempt fate and run wherever you want. You can select a stealth play style and move from room to room carefully, trying to use all available bonuses in the form of an "eye" that shows the ghost's life. Graphics are not essential in horror games, especially for mobile devices.


Eyes: The Horror for Android has a single map and three game difficulties. But this does not mean that the game can be removed from your device because of the monotony of the events after passing the game three or four times. Both the movement of the ghost and the location of the money bags are unique each time. Any new attempt will not be similar to the previous one, according to the creators of the game.


Is Eyes: The Horror for Android worth playing? Of course, it is. It is a must-have for horror lovers. You should wear headphones and seclude yourself in a dark room to get the best gaming experience and tickle your nerves.

  • Good atmosphere
  • Terrifying spirit
  • It earns its jump scares
  • Three difficulty levels
  • You can end up getting tired of the chase
  • Very difficult
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