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Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson
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A great tool if you want to start creating illustrations

Clip Studio Paint is a graphics software for creating illustrations and designs. It offers many features for drawing digital comics and even 2D animations. You can use many tools to create anything. The tools have a fairly clear look, and you will immediately understand how to use them. The interface is somewhat overloaded visually, so you will have to get used to it. It is an excellent option among other creative tools like Sketchbook or PainTool SAI.

Advantages and possibilities of using Clip Studio Paint

  • A complete set of tools. The application has a huge set of various brushes for your creativity. The brush mechanism is robust and allows you to create exactly the picture you imagine. In addition to brushes, there are also other vector tools.

  • Easy management. The main advantage for beginners in digital painting will be easy control in Clip Studio Paint. The application supports using a digital pen, and the sensor moves fast. You can also use additional settings for more excellent performance.

  • Resource library. You can use the vast library of resources for your masterpieces and look for inspiration for free. Currently, the collection includes more than 10,000 resources, which are constantly increasing.

  • Handy tools for animation. The application will satisfy all needs for creating animations. You can draw frame-by-frame animations thanks to a light table and a convenient layer system. The result can be exported as a video, animated gif, or image sequence.

  • 3D figures of drawings. You can place and create 3D images on your canvas with new artificial intelligence. There are body shape and angle adjustment tools to create the perfect pose for your drawing reference.

Community and support

You can find a link to the community forum on the official website. It gathers many digital creators from all over the world who communicate with each other and help in the search for inspiration. There are also tutorials on using the application, drawing tutorials, and video lessons from the developers themselves. You can ask a question that interests you and get a quick answer from other users.

Clip Studio Paint has a solid support system in case of technical issues. You will be able to turn to them in cases where you do not understand the adaptation of a new function or the persistence of an error in the program. Support is free and quite fast. Most customers remain satisfied, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

Should I download Clip Studio Paint for Android?

If you are a budding digital artist looking for an inexpensive solution to practice painting, you should try Clip Studio Paint. It is quite a simple tool, but it contains all the essential functions of illustrators. You can access many brushes, effects, and other options for creating comics or drawings. You can also search for inspiration and patterns in the free library. However, it has a rather difficult-to-understand user interface and does not have tools for automatically publishing the result on social networks.

Even with all these features, there is still room for improvement. The developers are still working on it, so you should try it. To test it, you can use the free period.

  • Available as a one-time paid software
  • Offers pre-defined graphics and a huge library of assets
  • Features extensive brush tools that are intuitive to use
  • Lacks publishing tools
  • The user interface needs an overhaul
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