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Clash Royale
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Fun and addictive real-time battle game

Clash Royale is a free-to-play mobile strategy video game. It is centered on online multiplayer battles, in which players use their cards to destroy their opponent's tower while defending their own.

In the game, you build a deck of cards to battle against other players. You can earn new cards by winning matches or buying them using gems (the game's premium currency). More than one hundred different cards are available for purchase, so you'll always have something new to try out. The game has a time limit meaning that the game will end automatically when the timer hits zero.

Graphics and design

The graphics of the Clash Royale Game are 3D and 2D. The game has a cartoonish style, and the characters are drawn in a simple yet detailed way. The cards used in the game are also very colorful. The background of the game is primarily dark, with some light effects thrown in to make it look more dramatic. Some animations occur during gameplay, such as when a tower is destroyed or a new card appears on Your device deck during battle.


The game features characters (King, Queen, Prince, Knight, Wizard, Giant Skeleton, Goblin Barrel Bomber, Baby Dragon, Ice Wizard, Balloon Bomber, and more) with their own unique abilities. These can be used to attack other players or destroy buildings and towers. Each character has a set number of lives, which are lost when they are attacked by enemy forces or fall victim to traps laid by players who have planted them on the map. When a character loses all its lives, it's removed from gameplay until another is unlocked later in the game's progression system.

How to win a Clash Royale battle in Arena?

Here are some tips to help you win more battles:

  • First, choose different card combinations wisely from your card collections. You start with four cards but can unlock more as you play. You can also collect gems during battles or buy them with real money.

  • Second, don't be the first to attack, but wait for your opponent to make their move so that you can see what kind of deck they're using and how they're attacking.

  • Third, balance your attacks and defense, so neither side has an advantage over the other.

  • Fourth, the skeleton army is your best friend. These guys can take down towers singlehandedly and will keep other players from getting too close or attacking too often.

  • Fifth and finally, know the most common cards inside out. You want to be able to recognize them quickly so that whenever they come into play during a match, you won't hesitate to make an educated decision about how best to use them in that given situation.


Clash Royale is a fun, addictive game that keeps you entertained for hours. Though the gameplay itself is simple, it is deep enough. And it will keep you coming back for more as you try to perfect your strategies and find new ways to win battles.

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