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Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson
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The future of digital workplaces

In our difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic many companies have been forced to switch to remote mode. The leaders of these companies faced the main task - to properly set up work in the company and optimize communication between employees.

The best solution to this problem is Citrix WorkSpace - a comprehensive application for creating digital workplaces, centralized file access and tracking performance.

With Citrix WorkSpace employees, who work remotely, will be able to set up their work and communication even from an Android device and will be able to work seamlessly from anywhere in the world and at their convenience.

Citrix WorkSpace has already established itself in the world of technology and has become a reliable helper for 98% of Fortune 500 companies, with more than 400,000 customers and about 100 million users in 100 countries.

Advantages and features

The main advantage and distinctive feature of the Citrix WorkSpace for Android application is security.

The security of data transfer and access to our files accompanies you at every stage of the application and provides a fully secure workplace.

Every employee of the company can easily find all the necessary files for themselves, or share them within the company without fear that somewhere there may be a leak of confidential information.

The usability of the app is the second main advantage and this differs it from many other applications. This feature is that the company's employees have everything you need "at hand", the application is convenient to use from any device or from several. Thus, if an employee loses access to a computer or laptop, he can conveniently and without interruption from planned tasks to continue working from an Android-based phone.

Simplicity is one of the main benefits of Citrix WorkSpace. How many times have you had to integrate promotional programs and applications into your work, but it only made work worse instead of optimizing it?

The more closed applications, the more time employees will spend learning to work with it and the more time you will lose.

Citrix WorkSpace adheres to the principles of simplicity in everything, so you can start working with the application immediately, without spending time studying, because we know how valuable time is for every business.

Simple and functional interface

The developers of the application followed the principles of convenience and simplicity in the interface of the application.

It is enough for an employee to just look at the interface once to figure out how to work with him and where to find what he needs to work.

Before handing over the application to employees, your company's IT department must download files for work and centralized access.

The employee can know all the downloaded documents in the corresponding menu "Attachments" and "Files".

You can view your actions or the actions of other users in the Actions menu of the same name.

In the "Devices" menu, you can find a list of devices that are connected to the application.

That is, the menu and interface are as simple as you can imagine.

Work with devices and operating systems

The Citrix Workspace cross-platform allows you to work with multiple devices simultaneously and without interruption. The application works with portable devices based on Android and iOS, as well as desktop devices with Linux, Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems.


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Citrix Systems Inc.
64.95 MB
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Simplicity
  • Access to all files in one place
  • Very simple interface
  • Using the application on several devices simultaneously
  • Limited functions