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Free mobile emulator for games

What is Citra?

Citra is a free Android emulator that lets you play your favorite games on Your device phone. It is quite popular and easy to use. Benefits of using Citra include compatibility with hundreds of games, support for external gamepads, and built-in features such as a camera, microphone, and motion controls. It also significantly improves the game's graphics through the use of resolution scaling and texture filtering.

You can also play with friends and other members. For this, there are functions for joint play in the form of public and private rooms. You can create a shared room and wait for other players to play or enter any free room from the list. Citra also has an offer for you if you just want to check with your friends. Create a private room so other people can join it.

Management and game capabilities

  • Screen settings. The emulator can display two screens simultaneously. However, you can manage it personally and set it to alternate between screens.

  • Control elements. You can use the keyboard or transfer the controls to an external gamepad. You can also use the touchscreen controls by placing the cursor directly where you want to click.

  • Support Wi-Fi and online games. It is also possible to connect to a local Wi-Fi network and play any online games. This gives you more options to use.

  • Speed. Citra can run most games at variable speeds. The speed of the game depends on itself, so some games will run at full speed, while others may suffer from slow emulation. You can also specifically slow down the emulation if needed.

Make your own contribution to the improvement

If you are interested in contributing to improving the application, you can do so on GitHub Citra. You'll need to create a pull request and later discuss your proposals with the core developers. On the software's official website, you will find coding guidelines that will help you a lot.

Also, if you wish, you can become a beta tester of the program. You will need to try out some new games and look for bugs in them. When you encounter issues such as graphical glitches, hangs, and regressions from previous versions, you can report them in the issue tracker. In this way, you will be able to try out new features before everyone else and help the community.

Should I download Citra ?

If you love to play portable games on Your device smartphone and are looking for a free emulator for that - Citra is the best choice for you. It's also an excellent opportunity to play with friends. It allows you to run a wide range of games from the Nintendo 2D and 3D catalog, such as Pokemon Sun and Moon or The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. It works best with 3D games, as it perfectly changes the resolution of games for comfortable use. You should also pay attention to the legal nuances of software and emulation in general to avoid potential copyright infringement.

Random developers from the Citra fan list are responsible for updating the app. You can also suggest an improvement or a new feature and join the project team.

  • Reaches up to 60 frames per second
  • Scales game to screen
  • Configures with microphone and camera
  • Supports split-screen games
  • Available to open-source developers