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Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War
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An exciting and dynamic shooter

In 2014, the long-awaited Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War was released. It is a sequel to the legendary series of shooters about World War III, released on various platforms. According to the idea, it was supposed to be a shooter with free movement, dynamic gameplay, many firefights, and a tense atmosphere. We will tell you more about how Gameloft implemented this idea.


After installing the game, you are immediately thrown into the battle with the goal of the first mission: destroying the enemy in all possible ways. Once each mission is completed, you get combat experience and bonuses, depending on Your device success. Experience earned in battles increases your levels, as well as health and energy. The concept of Brothers in Arms 3 is designed as memories of a veteran of the events who kept a diary describing everything that happened. The storyline is divided into five chapters (campaigns). The actions are scattered across different countries and cities, so each campaign consists of several missions.

Game modes

There is a "Diversion" mode where you have to solve various quests, such as holding out for a particular time in the enemy's position until the arrival of reinforcements (it implies a higher intensity of combat). Moreover, secret missions are opened if you find unique items in battles. Each subsequent mission is extended after passing the previous one and by compliance with certain conditions, such as the right weapon, its strength, etc. Missions are short, so playing this game on mobile on your devices is convenient.

Quest types

There are 4 types of quests available in the game:

  • Assault: quests with free movement;

  • Defense: semi-static quests where the player defends the area;

  • Sniper: static quests where the player has just a rifle;

  • Reconnaissance: a free movement where the player must remain unnoticed.

There are also Ladders in the game. Ladders are a series of sequentially complicated quests. The more inquiries you complete, the more likely you will get better rewards.

Game features

The gameplay is based on working with one of 12 partners (brothers in arms). Each has a military specialty and can apply special skills in battles. In some missions, you can't fight without airstrikes, accurate sniper shots, or heavy machine gun fire. All brothers-in-arms are unlocked gradually by completing specific missions. You can choose a brother to take with you, like weapons and ammo, and open some tactical possibilities before each task.

The game has a system of shelters. The entire combat process comes down to running over, methodical shooting of enemies, and throwing off grenades that have flown at you. Every shelter, item, and necessary action is highlighted with bright colors to prevent you from confusing or forgetting something.


The story of Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is divided into chapters scattered across the game map in different combat locations. In addition to the main quests, there are extra quests, such as diversions and commandos. The development of the storyline occurs as the campaign and diversion stages are passed. Levels in the game are short; they repeat as individual elements on the map or need to be given in the opposite direction. You can hide from bullets and restore your health in shelters.

There are many enemies with different ranks. Even a few headshots from close range do not kill them immediately. The artificial intelligence tries to defeat the player with machine-gun bursts, grenades, incendiary mixtures, or even a bazooka. You can return fire at enemies with the same weapon and use the help of brothers in arms.

You can save brothers from death, and they will offer you a friendly shoulder later. They not only shoot with you but also have special skills:

  • Throw Molotov cocktails.

  • Shoot accurately through the sight of a rifle.

  • Spike the enemy with machine gun bursts.

You can make your brother's skills better by upgrading them.

Weapon upgrades

All weapons in the game can be upgraded by increasing their rapidity, capacity, and other qualities. Sometimes, movement in the story can be closed without upgrading any little detail. Upgrades can be done for money and in real time. Tokens can accelerate the time. Both cash and tokens are the primary and paid currency of the game. Do not forget the energy constantly running out when starting or replaying each level.

Fly on the ointment

Let's consider the disadvantages. The game is entirely free, so there is a donat. That's exactly what ruins the concept of the game. Gameloft likes to stuff their games with intrusive in-game purchases, and Brothers in Arms also has this unpleasant disadvantage. First, not much energy should be spent on every mission (the worst idea of all freemium game developers). VIP status also gives you extra bonuses, such as doubled experience, energy, weapon power, and tools.


Take part in large-scale battles with Brothers in Arms 3 . Events unfold during World War II, where you need to defend your homeland from the invasion of the insidious enemy in the center of the battle. You have to make every effort to win the dangerous fight.

A vast arsenal of weapons allows you to select the appropriate one, such as a pistol, rifle, or grenade. As you pass the missions, you need to improve your weapon with the options of your choice. You won't get bored due to a wide range of tasks. Try your hand at reconnaissance, assault, and sniper ambushes, according to weather conditions and the time of day.

Due to high-quality graphics and excellent special effects in Brothers in Arms 3, you will deepen into the battle atmosphere and believe that all the events are actual. Drive the enemy out of your territory with no mercy. This is the only way to win and free your people from threatening danger.

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