Azan Time Pro - Quran & Qiblah

Azan Time Pro - Quran & Qiblah


About Azan Time Pro - Quran & Qiblah

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Azan Time Pro - Quran & Qiblah
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Joseph Johnson
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A mobile application designed for Muslims who want to stay connected to their daily prayer routines

This app provides accurate prayer times, notifications, and additional features to help users fulfill their religious obligations conveniently on their on your devices.

What is this program?

Azan Time Pro is a comprehensive app that serves as a digital companion for Muslims. It offers features such as accurate prayer times, customizable notifications, Qibla direction, Islamic calendar, and more, all aimed at assisting users in observing their daily prayers and staying connected to their faith.

Features and benefits

  • Accurate Prayer Times: The app provides precise prayer times based on the user's location, ensuring that users can perform their daily prayers at the correct times according to Islamic traditions.

  • Customizable Prayer Notifications: Users can set personalized prayer notifications to receive reminders for each prayer time, helping them stay consistent in their prayer routines.

  • Qibla Compass: Azan Time Pro includes a Qibla compass feature that helps users find the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, enabling accurate alignment during prayer.

  • Islamic Calendar: The app incorporates an Islamic calendar that highlights important dates and events in the Islamic calendar year, ensuring users stay aware of significant occasions.

  • Recitation of the Quran: Some versions of Azan Time Pro include the ability to listen to and recite the Quran, providing users with an opportunity for spiritual connection and reflection.

  • Additional Features: Depending on the version, Azan Time Pro may offer features such as tasbeeh (prayer beads) counter, daily supplications, and access to Islamic educational content.

The reasons to download Azan Time Pro

  • Accurate and Reliable Prayer Times: Azan Time Pro ensures that users have access to accurate prayer times based on their location, allowing them to observe their daily prayers punctually.

  • Customizable Prayer Notifications: The app provides customizable prayer notifications, helping users establish and maintain a consistent prayer routine throughout the day.

  • Qibla Direction Assistance: Azan Time Pro includes a Qibla compass, ensuring users can easily find the direction of the Kaaba for precise alignment during prayer.

  • Islamic Calendar and Reminders: Users can stay informed about significant Islamic dates and events through the app's Islamic calendar feature, enabling them to plan and prepare accordingly.

  • Additional Spiritual Resources: Depending on the version, Azan Time Pro may offer additional features such as Quran recitation, supplications, and educational content, enriching the user's spiritual journey.