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Easily learn new information during downtime

AnkiDroid is a free application with flashcards for interactive memorization. It works on the principle of creating and viewing cards. You need to remember all the information on the card to move on to the next one. Then the cards will go around until you learn everything you need. This is an excellent opportunity to use time efficiently during public transport trains, queues and the like. You will be able to reduce time while waiting and learn new things.

Basic functions to use

Since the main idea of ​​the application is memorization, thanks to flash cards - you can easily create them yourself. This is quite useful when you are asked to learn new words from school or university and do not have much time for it. By looking at word cards in your spare time, you will remember them much better. If you don't have specific tasks but want to develop yourself, use free sets of cards to study more than 6000 topics.

The cards, in addition to text, support placing images and even adding sounds. It will help you learn words more effectively if you have a better visual memory than an auditory one. According to the SuperMemo algorithm, there is also a repetition interval because it is thanks to repetition that this knowledge will remain with you for a long time. You will be able to track your progress and view detailed statistics. It will help you understand whether you are moving correctly.

Additional benefits

  • Manage cards. You can add dynamics to the flip, write answers on the back, use a flashcard browser, and more.

  • Convenient navigation. Since it is a smartphone app, you can control the tools thanks to the sensor. In addition to this, there are particular types of touching and shaking.

  • Customize for yourself. Enable night mode, switch languages ​​and even change the interface design. You can also import your font or dictionaries.

  • Backup. The app makes sure that your progress and cards don't go astray.

Should I download AnkiDroid Flashcards for Android?

If you like self-development or have a goal to learn new words from a foreign language - you should download AnkiDroid Flashcards to your smartphone. This is a convenient way to use time in queues and transport with benefit. You can create your flashcards or use them from a free template library. There are many possibilities, including the study of words. Choose travel, food, and animal flashcards and have fun learning them.

The developers are trying to keep the application stable, but it still has a few minor bugs and crashes. In case of any technical problem, you can contact the support service. In this way, the developers will take this into account in the next update of the application. For example, thanks to user reports, a crash was fixed in the last update when creating a new deck from deck selection. Also, the ability to drag the navigation bar in full-screen mode is added.


More info

Damien Elmes
19.86 MB
AnkiDroid Flashcards_v2.15.6.apk
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  • Open source
  • Simple mechanics of use
  • Clean interface
  • Localized and fully customizable
  • Over 6000 ready-made decks
  • Contains several errors


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