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Aeon Wallet
AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd.
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A mobile payment and digital wallet application available on your devices

Developed by Aeon, a major retail company in Japan, Aeon Wallet offers users a convenient and secure way to make payments, manage loyalty points, and access various services within the Aeon ecosystem.

What is this program?

Aeon Wallet is a dedicated mobile app that allows users to store digital versions of payment cards, manage loyalty points, and make contactless payments at Aeon-affiliated stores and partner merchants. It serves as a digital wallet, providing a seamless and cashless shopping experience for Aeon customers.

Features and benefits

  • Digital Payment Cards: Users can add and store their payment cards, such as credit cards and prepaid cards, within the app for quick and convenient payments.

  • Contactless Payments: Aeon Wallet supports NFC technology, allowing users to make contactless payments by simply tapping their device at payment terminals.

  • Loyalty Point Management: The app enables users to manage and track their Aeon loyalty points, making it easy to redeem points for discounts or rewards.

  • Coupons and Special Offers: Users can access exclusive coupons and special offers directly within the app, providing savings and benefits during shopping.

  • Store Locator: Aeon Wallet includes a store locator feature, helping users find nearby Aeon stores and partner merchants for convenient shopping experiences.

  • Receipt Management: Users can store and manage digital receipts within the app, eliminating the need for paper receipts and making returns or exchanges more efficient.

  • Personalized Recommendations: The app offers personalized product recommendations and promotions based on users' shopping habits and preferences.

  • Aeon Membership Integration: Aeon Wallet seamlessly integrates with the Aeon membership program, providing members with additional benefits and rewards.

Reasons to download Aeon Wallet (イオンウォレット)

  • Convenient and Cashless Payments: Enjoy the convenience of making contactless payments using Your Device, eliminating the need for physical cards or cash.

  • Loyalty Point Management: Easily track and manage your Aeon loyalty points, making it simple to redeem rewards and discounts during shopping.

  • Exclusive Coupons and Offers: Access exclusive coupons and special offers directly within the app, maximizing savings and benefits.

  • Store Locator and Digital Receipts: Find nearby Aeon stores and partner merchants easily and manage digital receipts for streamlined shopping experiences.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience: Receive personalized recommendations and promotions based on Your device preferences, enhancing your shopping journey.