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Adobe Premiere Rush CC
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Create a video like a pro

Want to start creating videos to share your ideas on social media and with others, but all applications are so close and take a long time to study?

Then Adobe Premiere Rush CC is for you!

With this application you can easily implement your creative ideas without special knowledge and experience.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC has many editing tools to easily create videos for different purposes.

If you are beginners in video creation, this application will be useful to you and as a result you will get high-quality, creative video clips that will be almost indistinguishable from professional videos.

Everything ingenious is simple

The Adobe Premiere Rush CC application is specially designed for beginner video creators and has already gathered many users who appreciate it for its simplicity, power and ease of use.

The application contains the best features of Adobe Creative Cloud, but in a simpler format.

Easy shoot, easy edit and easy save and share.

Application features and benefits

Adobe Premiere Rush CC is also a simple interface so that every user can easily understand the editing process.

The functionality of the application allows you to turn your ideas into full-fledged professional videos that you want to share again and again.

You can find all the necessary editing tools on the sidebar of the app. Firstly you can test everything to see the changes in your video.

Be sure to use the "preview" feature - you may want to change something before saving the video.

Track and control video timing with the Timeline feature - trim unnecessary and reduce video time.

You can also slow down or speed up the video using the Speed Control feature.

The "camera" function allows you to shoot video directly from the application, after which you can immediately proceed to editing.

In the Adobe Premiere Rush CC app you can conveniently organize all video files, change their order with the ability to drag them.

Add originality to the video thanks to the functions of mirroring, rotating the frame, as well as trimming all the superfluous with the appropriate function.

If the video isn't as bright as you'd like, you can always change it by the "Color Enhancement" in the app.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC's animated graphics, which allow you to change fonts and colors and keep them as your own, will add even more creativity to the video.

The original soundtracks of the application with incredible, high-quality and professional sound will help to make your video even more special. More advanced users will need an application feature such as "History of Multicollages", with which you can combine several videos, create "video in video" and implement the most daring ideas.

The application is optimized for social networks and in addition to the possibility of sharing, you can pre-resize your video according to the social network and share option. This can be a post or stories for Facebook and Instagram or a video for Youtube.

Create your own video studio on Your device phone or tablet, turn your bold ideas into videos and share your successes with friends together with Adobe Premiere Rush CC !

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