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Edit your photos wherever you are

Photoshop Express is a much-simplified version of the professional photo editor Adobe Photoshop for mobile on your devices. It doesn't have all the features, but it's more than enough for basic editing. You can upload your photo from the gallery, Adobe Revel, or take it in real-time, thanks to the device's camera. You can use several functions to give your photos a finished and professional look. Crop the image as needed, align, flip and continue editing. Adjust sharpness, contrast, shadows, and temperature. You can add one of the free filters and effects.

Possibilities for working with photos

  • Photo perspective. If you have a crooked horizon in the photo or, in general, the image is not from a good angle - you can instantly correct this error. In this way, your photos will always be equal.

  • Noise. If you don't like the extra particles in the photo - smooth the graininess, and reduce color noise and sharper details for the desired and desired result.

  • Blur. If you don't like the background very much, or you want to draw attention to a specific object, use a blurred background. There is a normal blur, a radial blur, and a motion effect. Use whatever is more appropriate for the particular photo.

  • Effects and filters. Choose a significant photo effect or filter and quickly move to adjust color temperature, brightness, and other color effects. You can also use the automatic editing function to change the desired aspects of the photo and remove red-eye.

  • Take away the excess. If you see unnecessary spots on Your device selfie or a small extra object accidentally got into the frame - you can easily remove it and make the photo more perfect.

Turn a simple photo into something more

You can combine several photos into a collage. It will not take you much time because the application offers you ready-made layouts and frames. And you just need to insert your own photos, and you're done.

In addition to collages, you can create stickers, memes, and captions, stylize your text with a wide range of fonts and layouts, and create your own watermarks.

Save and share photos in high quality

You can choose in which format to download the finished work to your device or Adobe Revel. You can also adjust the image for a specific platform automatically. Share photos on various social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr. Or send it to anyone on Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and other messengers.

Should I download Photoshop Express on my Android device?

If you need a photo editor for fast and automatic editing - Photoshop Express is perfect for you. In it, you can edit small imperfections on the road, add light effects, and create collages, your own memes, and stickers. The interface is as simplified as possible and is intuitive even for those who do not often use similar applications. Most of the editing processes are in the form of sliders with adjustable intensity. You can cancel the settings, see the "before/after," and compare the result.

Overall, this is a great free app for basic photo work if you don't need professional tools. Also, there are regular updates with new features, so you should try using this app.

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