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What kind of app is it?

Acronis Cyber Protect is a mobile enterprise app that lets you back up and restores contacts, photos, videos, and calendars from your mobile device. For a personal mobile data backup app, look for "Acronis Mobile." The Acronis Cyber Protect mobile app uses the Acronis Cyber Cloud business-oriented service. Back up your mobile data to Acronis Cyber Cloud and protect your contacts, photos, videos, and calendars. You can use any authorized device to view, download and restore mobile data. You can restore or transfer mobile data to a new smartphone or tablet!

Strengths of Acronis Cyber Protect

Protect multiple mobile devices and easily manage your backups with the Cyber Protection Console. You can protect everything with mobile backups of contacts, photos, videos, and calendars from Android smartphones and tablets. Plus, you always stay protected by backing up to the cloud over Wi-Fi and cellular or exclusively over Wi-Fi to save on data usage. There's also the option to restore to the same device, another device, or a brand-new one. You can securely back up your data and files from any device, anytime, anywhere. You can also transfer data from one mobile device to another.

The merits of the application

Managing cyber defenses in an ever-changing threat landscape are challenging. Protect your data from all threats with Acronis Cyber Protect, the only cyber security solution that combines data protection and cyber security from the outset. By running Acronis Cyber Protect in the Acronis Cloud, you can provide advanced cyber protection for every endpoint anywhere, making it ideal for today's mobile and remote work environments. See how integrated cyber security eliminates complexity, delivers the best defense against today's cyber threats, and maximizes efficiency, saving time and money.

Why should you download Acronis Cyber Protect for Android?

Close the gaps in your protection with integrated backup and malware protection technologies. Protect every bit of data from new and evolving cyber threats with advanced MI-based anti-malware protection. Optimize endpoint protection with integrated and automated URL filtering, vulnerability assessment, patch management, and more. Eliminate the risk that failed patches will render your system unusable. An image is automatically backed up before patches are deployed, making it easy to restore and roll back to a working state should a patch fail. Backups are scanned using advanced anti-malware techniques (MI, behavioral heuristics, etc.) and included in your organization's unique application list to avoid false positives in the future.

  • Protection against malware and antivirus
  • Secure recovery
  • Global and local restore from backups
  • Forensic backups
  • Data consistency reports and data protection map
  • Some features are tied to the program (must have a startup version of the program to restore backup)
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